Our best selling scent, Sweet Grace, has it's own line of beautiful candles, each one unique and playful.  Sweet Grace has notes of passion fruit, sparkling tea, and classic patchouli.


Container Options:

  • Small Silver Votive -- All glitz and glam, this votive exhibits gold electroplated patterned glass with a gilded lid. 4.4 oz, 25-30 hour burn time


  • White Tin -- Served up in a soft palette of blush, grey and white, Sweet Grace Collection tin flaunts playful patterning. 9.7 oz, 60-70 hour burn time


  • Silver Lantern-Style -- Clad in an antiqued gunmetal finish, this lantern-inspired vessel is topped in style with a cork lid. 13.2 oz, 70-90 hour burn time


  • Small Coppery Pink Geometric -- Unsymmetrical facets of copper-toned mercury glass radiate utter style and a warm glow. 15.8 oz, up to 90 hour burn time


  • Pink Speckled with Wood Lid -- illuminates with distressed glass of luminescent pink interpersed with a glistering kaleidoscope of speckles. The matte, dark wood lid provides an intense contrast to the opulent glass, which is strenghted by the simple twine a loop centered atop the lid. 18 oz, 70-80 hour burn time


Sweet Grace by Bridgewater Candles